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Mr. Henry Nobley
Austenland, 2013.

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Many faces of Alex Turner

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I took my little brother (who falls on the autism spectrum) to see Guardians of the Galaxy and after this scene he lit up like a Christmas tree and screamed “He’s like me! He can’t do metaphors!” And for the rest of the film my brother stared at Drax in a state of rapture. 

So for the last 6 days I have heard my brother repeatedly quote all of the Drax lines from the movie verbatim (one of his talents), begin studying vocabulary test words, and tell everyone he knows that people with autism can also be superheroes.

Now I am not saying that Drax the Destroyer is, or was ever, intended to be autistic. All I am saying is that it warmed my heart to see my brother have an opportunity to identify himself with a character known for his strength, badassness, and honor. And that is pretty damn awesome. 

So while I adored Guardians of the Galaxy as a great fun loving film with cool characters I can do nothing but thank Marvel Studios and Dave Bautista for finally bringing a superhero to the screen that my little brother can relate to.

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omg i am laughing so hard at the Miss Universe costume category


you got poland lookin nice


Namibia workin it


Costa Rica goin big, what did you expect


Haiti fuckin rockin it


Great Britain got damn


Switzerland hell yeah

and then


….Miss USA.

we had to be a fucking transformer

is this real life

reblogging this again just to add

canada HAD TO BE a fuckign mountie are you kidding me

but did you guys see this: 



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